What we do

Pamoja Cleantech specializes in innovative biomass technologies for off-grid electricity applications. We are a service outreach partner, that build local capacity and empower local energy service companies in maintenance and operation for power generation and related feedstock supply. Through the integration of the local community we build short-cycle operations supplying the energy system with agricultural residues or biomass from agroforestry for feedstock.

Our approach to energy production creates a local symbiotic system which nurtures sustainable development and strengthens the local agricultural sector. We work with a range of suppliers in biomass gasification technology. We apply engineering solutions with a system approach and a strong focus on inclusive business modelling which provides opportunities at the base of the pyramid market.

We are driven by business model innovation. Rural Electrification projects around the world have not scaled because of lack of profitable business models. We believe rural electrification projects needs to re-define what it means to sell electricity .

Most off-grid villagers use electricity only for lighting. Providing electricity just for lighting by setting up a mini-grid is both expensive & inefficient. We are not interested to faciliate such usage by heavily depending on grants or subsidies. Thus, we endeavour to proove the concept of a scalable business model for sustainable energy for all.

PAMOJA generates Productive Power with biomass gasification as a platform to provide Energy Services.


Pamoja Cleantech was founded in 2010. The company has designed a hybrid energy system that combines solar PV and biomass gasification technologies. Implementation of this inclusive energy system in Uganda is supported by the World Bank- Millenium Science Initiative and the Swedish International Development Agency – Innovations Against Poverty. The project involves installation and operation of several gasification gensets producing 10-40 kW of electricty for rural community power and small industrial applications.

Pamoja has setup a 32kW biomass gasification unit in Tiribogo Village (Muduuma Sub-county, Mpigi District). At the site a micro-grid has been installed and connected more than 45 households (out of 105 households) since the starting of operations over the 3 months. Currently, this is Uganda’s only successfully running biomass gasification unit. Pamoja Cleantech is in the process of setting up productive end-use equipments like maize milling plant, so as to offer a higher value-addition service.

Capacity Building

PAMOJA invests in local capacity building by conducting hands-on technical training for operators coming from Rural Uganda. This enables PAMOJA to have a pool of technical manpower available, which can be deployed to operate upcoming biomass gasification power plants in Uganda, not just for PAMOJA, but also for PAMOJA’s partners.