Alternative Cooking Fuel


Biomass Briquette manufacturing involves making biomass briquettes by using the bio-char generated as an output from PAMOJA’s biomass gasification power plant.

The agro-residues generated from agro-processing is more than enough to fire up the gasification power plant. The excess biomass will be carbonized and compacted into biomass briquettes.


The Market

The market for charcoal is quite big and well established. In fact, in Uganda, charcoal is the preferred fuel for cooking for a majority of Ugandans in urban areas. About, 4 million tones of wood is used every year to produce charcoal (Briquette Businesses in Uganda, GVEP Report 2012). In fact, charcoal has been responsible for 70% of deforestation in Uganda. The biomass briquettes produced from bio-char or carbonized agro-residues is an excellent substitute for charcoal produced from wood.


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