Mini Grid for Anchor Load Customers


PAMOJA sets up its own Mini-Grids and distributes power generated from its power plants to nearby trading centers, telecom towers and for other productive purposes that serve as an anchor load customer. A hybrid power plant combining solar PV and a battery bank with the gasification unit provides reliable and affordable electricity for these anchor load customers.

Telco Towers

Off-grid towers are supplied with electricity from Diesel generators very inefficiently. PAMOJA provides a cheap and clean alternative to these Diesel generators. Electricity can be supplied at a reliability of up to 99% and with a cost saving of up to 37%.
Bringing energy and value addition to the community can also raise the Average Revenue Per User for the Mobile Network Provider significantly.

Trading Centers

95% of rural Uganda is un-electrified. Running most type of business is dependant on fossil fuel. Businesses with productive machinery, such as welding, cotton production, crop mills or saw mills, are heavily restricted in their growth and productivity because of the expensive operation costs for the Diesel generators. The connection to affordable productive power can boost their businesses and provides a secured income for PAMOJA.

Pre-Paid Meters

One of the most critical aspects of any rural electrification project is to have a robust payment collection system which cannot be tampered with. Although there are quite a few existing solutions for grid based households, proven solutions targeted towards rural BoP households are still in development and often found too expensive to scale. PAMOJA is developing a platform which integrates pre-paid meters with Mobile Money, so to enable a cash-less & agent-less transparent payment collection system.