Game Changing Concept


Rural Electrification projects around the world have not scaled because of lack of profitable business models. Most ESCOs in rural electrification projects focus on selling electricity.

However, most off-grid villagers use electricity only for lighting. Providing electricity just for lighting by setting up a mini-grid is both expensive & inefficient. Thus, the projects heavily depend on grants or subsidies.

PAMOJA generates Productive Power with biomass gasification as a platform to provide Energy Services.

"The gasifier enters into a symbiosis with agro-processing, briquetting and charging of batteries."

Instead of generating power & just selling electricity, PAMOJA uses electricity as a platform to sell Energy Services The power generated from Biomass Gasification thus becomes a platform to enable various energy services. PAMOJA has developed an A-B-C Energy Services model using biomass gasification as a key to enable this platform.

The A-B-C Business Model

The three energy services pillars of PAMOJA’s A-B-C model are: Agro-Processing, Briquetting & Charging Battery Services.

This business model turns the traditional way of doing business on its head. Before the crops had to be transported to the electricity with additional expenses on the transport. Now the electricity comes to the crops in rural areas. Thus, the value remains in rural areas.

Business Model